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So, when I was 14ish, I used to LOVE drawing and I actually drew a photo of Mike. Since the drawing is horrible, I won't hurt your eyes by showing it to you! I haven't been drawing for a long time but I'm slowly picking it up, hoping that some day I am able to draw a good photo of the LP members. 

Are there any drawings you made of Linkin Park? If so, please do show me! I'm very curious!
RaissaLPFC, This is really interesting to read your story of Drawing. Well, I also love drawing but my drawing is not too good. Mostly, I love to draw the cartoons or places like parks or sceneries like this. Right Now, I have no images of my drawings because I have not captured them in my phone but will share in future.
jeremy, I would like to see some images from your collection and I am so sure you will try your best and share with us. However, Drawing is a really cool activity for sharing your minds with others. What says am I right or not?
Levi, It is really interesting to know that you also wanna see some images of my drawings here.  Well, I do not have any images in my Camera. I will  find my  drawing book on the weekend and then will capture few images in my phone and after that will share them here.

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