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Tens questões a colocar aos Linkin Park?
Como embaixadores oficiais para os EUA, Alemanha e Portugal temos a hipótese de enviar 5 questões à banda! Espectáculo! Não concordam?

Deixem as vossas questões em resposta a este tópico - ATÉ 30 DE ABRIL - para que possamos seleccioná-las. 
Estamos curiosos!  Rolleyes
Arrow Deb
Boa noite Linkin Park Portugal. Antes de deixar a minha queria dedicar-vos duas palavrinhas: Parabéns pelo trabalho que desenvolvem, e obrigado por esta oportunidade. Assim, aqui segue a pergunta que gostaria de ver respondida:

"Dear Linkin Park, let me, ahead of everything, thank you for the role your music has been playing in my life. I can't remember the last day i haven't heard at least one Linkin Park song, regardless of which album it is. You guys are by far my no1 band, hence this first "thank-you note". Ahead with the question. 
At the time of the release of The Hunting Party you guys, particularly Mike, mentioned your disappointment with today's rock music. You even went further on with criticising other bands for producing music that was no more than an adaptation to nowadays trends. You responded with a massive loud and rock record, with some authentic masterpieces (I here want to highlight "A Line in the Sand"), which made most of your fans think you were now working on a more "heavier" style than the ones seen in Minutes to Midnight, A Thousand Suns (my no1 LP album, by far) and Living Things. 
However, we can't deny the fact that, as of yet, One More Light seems to be exactly what you criticised back in 2014. I don't mean the lack of guitars or screams. As I said before, my favourite LP album is ATS which happens to be the one album where loud guitars and screams are less heard. What I mean is the fact that what you are now presenting us with is no more than an LP adaptation to today's pop music. It's not unique like it used to be. And believe me it hurts to say this. My final question is, what made you take the decision to work on something that 3 years back was your "enemy" and you guys were "The Hunting Party" that wanted to defeat that "enemy". 
Much obliged for you time and availability, sincerly, Fernando Vaz
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